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Spectral mist (by Keartona)

untitled by Kristen Drozdowski on Flickr.

Sahara Moonlight by weepy hollow on Flickr.

wonderxbread asked: whats your favorite song ?

come on elieen by dexys midnight runners

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kxsha asked: kisha

King of the beach- wavves
kiss the grass- the paper kites
kiwwi maddog 2020- elliot smith
kiss me- ed sheeran

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John Green is walking down his patio, and the wooden step breaks, and he falls right through.

The Fault in our Stairs, chapter 1.

John Green is sitting at a pub, having asked for a beer over an hour ago. He still hasn’t received it.

The Fault in our Bars, chapter 1

John Green is driving his car. the breaks aren’t working, he’s going downhill.
The Fault In Our Cars, chapter 1

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